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“Built on a foundation of increasing recon efficiency, I am excited to tell you about VelocityLocate, an innovation that was developed based upon the feedback of our dealer partners.  Time and time again they told  me about their frustration with how the process broke down because a staff member did not close out their job and move the vehicle to the next step of the  process.”

Hugh Hathcock
Owner, ReconVelocity

Leveraging GPS and geo-fencing, VelocityLocate is a reconditioning and lot management game-changer.

  • Creates optimal efficiency by automating the step-by-step progress for every vehicle in recon, eliminating human delays.
  • Provides real time visibility of the physical location of every vehicle in recon with its corresponding recon status.
  • Produces a full inventory audit in the press of a single button.

VelocityLocate leverages GPS and geofencing to automatically synchronize the location of a vehicle in recon with the next step, even when people forget to push a button, keeping communications and progress streamlined. Users can also produce a full inventory audit in a single click. VelocityLocate helps identify bottlenecks and eliminate approval delays, leading to faster time to market.

VelocityLocates’ time-saving simplicity will:

  • Streamline the recon process
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Eliminate unnecessary delays
  • Improve communications

Time is money, and the faster a vehicle gets through recon and retail-ready the more opportunity to generate profit.

Provides the exact location of every vehicle in recon and is the only recon solution that automatically moves vehicles through the process – even if your people don’t.

Leverages GPS and geo-fencing, to automatically synchronize the location of recon vehicles with the next step in the process.

• Even if personnel overlook a step, the automated software keeps communications and progress on-track.
• Helps identify bottlenecks and eliminate approval delays.
• Full inventory audit available in a single click

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