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At ReconVelocity we know that the faster you can get a car front line ready the more profit you can bring to the bottom line. We created the Speed TIPS to share with you some of the best practices and tips to help you reduce your TTL Time To Line.

Increase Your Speed To Market by Eliminating Make-Ready Bottlenecks

Traffic jams, government paperwork, bathroom drains, make-ready departments; no matter what the bottleneck, it can cost you and your dealership time and money. Time and money are two things that everyone wants to hold on to, so speed to market is critical for used car margins.

So, how do we identify and measure bottlenecks in our recon process? By far the most important number we look at is the deviation in our process. This tells us the variability in our make-ready department. Said another way, how streamline is your process.

3 Ways Improving Communication Improves Your Recon Process

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Communication is vital to the success of any business. All too often, used car dealers recognize that a pivotal piece of communication had not been relayed to the proper department after the damage is already done.

Imagine if you had a car sitting on your lot for 3 weeks and no one knew it was there until someone decided to finally ask the question, “What’s going on with that red Toyota out there?” What usually happens next is a lot of finger-pointing about who was responsible for that car. Meanwhile, your dealership is losing money. $40 a day.

We see this happen all the time in the pre-owned automotive retail industry. In truth, it all comes down to the systems we have in place (or lack thereof).

Accelerate Profits With ReconVelocity In Your Toolkit

Speed and efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to buying, reconditioning, and selling used cars. The faster you move a car from acquisition to market, the more profit you stand to earn.

How ReconVelocity Helps Your Dealership Adapt to Market Changes

The automotive retail industry experiences various ebbs and flows. Responding to these changes quickly and effectively can either shift profits in your favor or encumber your business.

5 Keys to Effective Workflow Meetings

If you and your dealership are serious about controlling your pre-owned margins then having workflow meetings are critical.

We have participated in a variety of workflow meetings. Over the years, we have witnessed many different styles and agendas. Some work better than others, so we compiled a list of the best practices to incorporate into your dealership’s leadership. Below are 5 keys to effective workflow meetings to get you and your team working toward a common goal: increased profitability.

3 External Forces Impacting Your Used Car Recon Department

Change is inevitable. As with any industry, there are certain underlying forces behind the need to change and adapt. The used car retail industry is no exception. Those that are the front-runners for change will position themselves for long-term success, while those that are hesitant may find themselves in an unfavorable situation.

Below are the 3 forces behind the need to streamline your used car recon process and turn your vehicles faster.

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