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ReconVelocity: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about ReconVelocity, the leading automotive recon software solutions.

ReconVelocity was built by automotive IT experts that have designed technology solutions that dealers need for more than 35 years. Below are stand-out features that make ReconVelocity a first choice:

  • On-site training and installation (Other solution providers make this claim on their website and in literature when, in fact, training and installation is conducted online not on-site.)
  • Full support by Recon Experts, including a dedicated Performance Manager (Competing solutions promise a full support model but that is not what they deliver once a dealer signs up.)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee (our Performance Promise)
  • Real-time app notifications (not just texts and emails)
  • True integration with CRM, DMS and inventory management solutions (competing solutions do not have true CRM or DMS integrations though they claim to)
  • Fast implementation in days, not weeks
  • Dealer access to step and sub-step configurations (other tools make you call support to make step changes or to skip a step)
  • Regular feature updates based on dealer feedback (other solutions have not been upgraded in over 10 years)
  • GPS-powered vehicle location and diagnostic reporting (While a competing tool claims geo-location capabilities, it will cost you upwards to hundreds of thousands of dollars and you cannot track vehicles off-site.)
  • Automated step progression (If your people fail to make step changes, our software does it automatically.)
  • Smart routing or auto step workflow (Once a step is completed, the vehicle automatically routes to the next step in the workflow and notifications/alerts go out to the accountable individuals.)
  • Customizable MPI tool
  • An option for making specific steps required
  • In-app messaging
  • Full vendor management capabilities
  • Upload up to 18 photos for improved vendor communications
  • Append backstage photos and documents to work orders
  • We keep historical data indefinitely, rather than just for two years as competing solutions do, so that the dealer can access for reference and analysis.
  • Potential buyer matches are generated as soon as inventory populates ReconVelocity
  • In-recon units with potential buyer matches are given priority status in the recon process

Evaluate your current process. Are you using a whiteboard or shared Excel files? Do you rely on handwritten or text communications for recon progress updates and vehicle recon statuses?

These methods are prone to human error and do not give you true transparency into the time it takes to move a vehicle through each step of your process nor do they allow you to hold individuals accountable for delays. Because these tools need human, manual updates and rely on the accuracy of those updates, it is impossible to identify bottlenecks that are costing you possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary or uncontrolled expenses and vehicle value erosion.

ReconVelocity allows you to automate the recon workflows in your dealership, including vendor work processes critical to your recon operation. It enables team members to communicate in real-time about every single aspect of the recon process and gives you the transparency you need to identify costly delays and setbacks so that you can take swift corrective action.

ReconVelocity was specifically designed to make the reconditioning process at dealerships more efficient – giving you the tools you need to control costs, speed recon time, and to start selling units actively in the  recon process so that you can capture profits that have traditionally seeped out through process gaps and delays.

ReconVelocity brings transparency and accountability to your end-to-end recon operation giving you the information and tools you need to control recon costs, increase used car selling days and speed recon time. By doing so, you will naturally see your inventory turn and gross profits increase.

Yes, you can. ReconVelocity lets you set-up all vendors that play a role in your recon operation so that you can have full transparency into their performance. Being able to measure and track vendors and their impact on your average Time-In-Recon is critical to shortening the overall Retail-Ready Time and increasing inventory turn. Additionally, the system gives you critical insight into which vendors might be causing recon cost overages for financial analysis and cost control.

In March 2020, during the COVID-19 crisis, Hugh Hathcock announced to the dealer community that ReconVelocity would be available to new dealers for no cost for 90-days. Existing dealers on the platform would have $0 billing through June 30, 2020. This move was in response to the economic hardship felt by dealers all over the country and Hugh’s way to give back to the dealer community that he has served and has been so good to him over the past 35+ years.

ReconVelocity automatically collects feeds from all major inventory management and DMS providers. Once a vehicle is input into the DMS or inventory management tool, it systemically populates ReconVelocity from the next scheduled feed.

At each step, once an accountable team manager identifies that a step has been completed, he or she can manually complete the active step. Once this is done, the system automatically moves the vehicle to the next step and systematically alerts the next team manager in the process. The data generated by these activities allows management to better understand areas for improvement, incentivize employees to meet verifiable targets and provide the sales team with real-time status reports.

ReconVelocity is the most flexible recon software solution available. Each set-up is fully customized to accommodate your dealerships recon workflows. Our Recon Experts will provide you with best practices and make recommendations to fully optimize your recon operation to get your pre-owned vehicles Retail-Ready Faster. Once your dealership is up and running, our Performance Team and your designated Performance Manager will monitor your progress and worth closely with your team to make refinements until your recon workflow is highly efficiently and achieves maximum velocity.

ReconVelocity features a real-time dashboard that provides instant views of your performance across your entire reconditioning operation, including the number of units in recon, overall average Retail-Ready Time, average recon time, and average approval time. Reporting also measures your performance in each step so that you can identify problem areas and bottlenecks at the step level. You can also drill down to vehicles within each step to assess idle time, as well as reconditioning costs within each step and overages.

Yes. By building a step specifically for wholesale units, once a vehicle moves into this step – an app notification can be sent to your auction manager, transporter, or porter.

While installs can vary, they are generally completed in days not weeks. Our goal is to create the least amount of disruption by leveraging our Recon Experts and best practices to expedite your dealership being operational and your team being ready to make the most of the technology and system.

We believe in a proactive, high-touch support approach that involves dedicated Recon Experts to ensure you not only have an excellent start, but that your team continues to receive training and support assuring strong ongoing utilization so you achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Without a doubt, our support model sets ReconVelocity apart from any other recon solution provider out there. Initial training takes place on-site and follow-up training and support is both on-site and online. Our high-touch model ensures your reconditioning team is trained and continually supported so you get the most value out of your investment.

We did find it interesting that our top competitor issued a press announcement to the dealer community that their on-site training would be postponed due to the pandemic. We were deeply bothered by the fact that this competitor has never provided its dealer clients with on-site training and was only taking advantage of the grave economic situation to make it appear that the pandemic had caused them to stop providing on-site training and installation.

ReconVelocity supports all mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Windows. Users can visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app, then will be able to receive real-time app notifications, along with text or email notifications to facilitate quick decisions and actions that will keep your recon inventory on pace to be Retail-Ready Faster than ever.

We are so confident that ReconVelocity will make your reconditioning process faster and more efficient that we guarantee it. You will see results within a minimum of the first 90-days and will realize higher returns and an increased inventory turn time.

The ReconVelocity Performance Promise is simple… if after 90-days you are not satisfied, we will give you a total refund.

The average dealership can expect an ROI of between 25x-50x after 90-days of implementing the ReconVelocity system and our industry recommended best practices.

Once a vehicle is marked sold in your inventory management system, it will automatically drop out of the inventory feed and, therefore, ReconVelocity (other than historical reporting and archiving). The dealer is able to retrieve a vehicle from archive and bring it back into ReconVelocity.

ReconVelocity is a standalone product. ReconVelocity Complete embodies ReconVelocity, ReconMatch, and VelocityLocate.

No. You must have ReconVelocity as the base platform to purchase and use ReconMatch, as its data intelligence functionality is based upon the units in active recon in ReconVelocity.

Yes, you can. VelocityLocate can perform as a standalone application for the purpose of fleet management and vehicle diagnostics reporting and alerts.

Not every vehicle will need to go through each step that you have configured in your recon workflow. For example, you may have a step for Glass Repair; not every vehicle will need this service, so ReconVelocity would allow you to skip this step. When this happens, the system automatically accounts the time for each step the vehicle was in and eliminates the skipped step.

It’s important to point out that with competing solutions, in order to skip a step the dealer will need to call support to do this; with ReconVelocity, the assigned step manager has the access needed to skip the step without needing support.

ReconVelocity is the only recon software on the market with true DMS integration. It does have the ability to bring over RO’s from the dealer DMS for integration into vehicle records within the system.

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