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improve your customer reviews

How to Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Reviews

Are customers satisfied with your car dealership? Here's how to score outstanding customer reviews. Key Takeaways: How customers perceive your dealership is paramount; if they frequently leave negative reviews, it will hamper your sales and growth.  You need to track…

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5 Tips to Stop Service Department Profit Leaks

Is your service department inadvertently hampering your car dealership's profitability? Here's how to stop service department profit leaks. Key Takeaways: If your service department performs ongoing evaluations of its auto recon process, it can uncover new ways to maximize performance…

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vehicles at a used car dealership

The Importance of Streamlining the Retail-Ready Process

The faster dealerships can get their cars retail-ready and on the lot, the more money they stand to make. Key Takeaways: Recon delays cost money Measuring retail-ready time is essential The right software can help There's no secret when it…

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Rethink Your Used Vehicle Intake Process to Improve Profit Margins

Get maximum value for every car in your inventory with these 4 tips to help manage used cars more efficiently and increase profit margins. Key Takeaways: Used cars that go unsold for long periods can damage your dealership's profit margins.…

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Automation to Reduce Human Error and Get Cars Retail-Ready Faster

Using Automation to Reduce Human Error and Get Cars Retail-Ready Faster

The less you ask technicians to manually report on vehicle status, the smoother your used vehicle reconditioning process will run, and the faster those cars will be ready to sell. Key Takeaways: Human error and indifference can cause recon bottlenecks…

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Removing Roadblocks for Faster Approvals and Used Car Sales

Are your approval processes hampering your ability to get your cars retail-ready? Here's a look at roadblocks that can delay used car turnover — and tips to help remove them. Key Takeaways: The time it takes your dealership to get…

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5 Ways to Boost Used Car Sales

5 Ways to Boost Used Car Sales

A few simple strategies can help your used car dealership slash turn times and increase sales Key takeaways The cars you choose matter Stale inventory will cost you Planning ahead is essential Don’t let reconditioning slow down sales Naturally, the…

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Making Profitable Reconditioning an Integral Component of Your Dealership’s Used Vehicle Acquisitions Strategy in 2021

Nearly every used car manager in the country uses software and data to make smart decisions when it comes to buying a used vehicle. There are huge financial ramifications to putting too much money into the "wrong" car or overpaying…

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dealership turn rate bottlenecks

4 Common Bottlenecks That Hold Your Vehicle Turn Rate Back

Want to improve your vehicle turn rate? You need to identify and address these common bottlenecks. Used vehicle turn rate can dictate your dealership's success. If you can effectively track your inventory, determine which cars consumers want, and promote these…

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A Dealership’s Short Guide to Recovering From COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it tough for many auto dealers, but there are several things you can do to accelerate your dealership's recovery from the coronavirus. Key Takeaways Many auto dealerships have had problems engaging with consumers during the…

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Why Tracking and Optimizing Used Car Time-to-Market is Essential for Your Dealership

The faster you get used car inventory on your lot, the greater your profits. That’s why measuring and improving your time-to-market is essential to improving your bottom line. Very few aspects of running a used car dealership are more critical…

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A Look Inside Industry Icon Hugh Hathcock’s Automotive Retail Journey

Today on CBT News, we welcome back to the show Hugh Hathcock, owner of ReconVelocity. Now, you may know a little bit about his success in the automotive retail industry, but do you know how it began? Hathcock has an incredible…

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Maximizing Used Car Gross Profits In A Market Where Every $1 Counts Download Our FREE Playbook To Get Started

The used car market is more complex than it has ever been. With new vehicle inventory levels steadily declining and consumers growing more wary of high auto payments and public transportation due to the pandemic, the demand for used cars…

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ReconVelocity EVP Kalah McCoy Discusses Why Recon Software Is Essential For Your Dealership

Kalah opens the conversation by talking about how the reconditioning process has come to the forefront as dealerships continue to have record months selling used-vehicles. She says the downtime caused by the pandemic has allowed ReconVelocity to look internally to…

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