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Software That Fuels High-Velocity Recon Operations. Get Retail-Ready Faster.


Our Fearless Leader - Hugh Hathcock

ReconVelocity was developed to help dealers reduce the Retail-Ready time of acquisitioned used vehicle inventory, leading to an increased preowned inventory turn rate, decreased recon costs, and higher profit margins.
ReconVelocity Hugh Hathcock

Hugh Hathcock


Hugh Hathcock has always been passionate about shaping the automotive retail industry. Since founding ELEAD1ONE — a CRM software and call center that enables seamless interactions between sales, service, and marketing operations to provide dealers with best-in-class customer acquisition and retention programs — he has continually worked to enhance the industry through innovative, profit-driven technologies.

Hugh has a proven track record of advocacy for auto dealerships and dealer groups, having specialized as a Growth Consultant for over 8,000 dealerships nationwide. Throughout his successful career, he has honed his understanding of what drives gross, tightens margins, and, ultimately, limits auto dealers’ ability to scale profits quickly and indefinitely. His unmatched knowledge of technology throughout the entire auto retail environment has been pivotal in streamlining sales and service processes, improving customer communications, and maximizing business opportunities.

If there is an opportunity to improve gross and raise a dealership’s bottom line then Hugh will identify the solutions and develop revolutionary technology to carry dealers forward. His business acumen, innovative spirit, and respect for cutting-edge technology were all factors that inspired ReconVelocity.

ReconVelocity Kalah McCoy

Kalah McCoy

Executive VP

Kalah McCoy is a proven leader in the automotive industry, having excelled alongside the industry’s finest representatives. Following her graduation from Valdosta State University with a Marketing Degree in Business Administration, Kalah entered the automotive industry. Over the last 12 years, she stimulated market growth by refining capabilities at Dealertrack Technologies and ELEAD1ONE, working with dealer-clients all over the United States. Her direct oversight of these teams and software solutions made her a leading expert in auto retail marketing strategies, fixed operations, used car reconditioning, database mining, and business consultation; all of which she is bringing to the experts at ReconVelocity.

Kalah’s unique insights and comprehensive knowledge of the automotive retail industry make her the ideal leader in revamping and refining overall business operations. Her ability to streamline processes and improve culture distinguishes her from other players in the industry. With Kalah as Executive VP, the innovators at ReconVelocity will continue to give dealerships the tools needed to elevate their recon departments into million-dollar profit generators.

ReconVelocity David Penney

David Penney

Chief Executive Officer

David Penney has an extensive background in both automotive retail operations and solutions. After 16 years as CFO for multiple automotive dealerships, as many as 16 at once, David joined the leadership team at ELEAD1ONE. For a decade he was an instrumental part of the company’s exponential growth as well as the execution of the $500,000,000 sale to CDK Global in 2018. With a strong desire to build upon the customer first culture, people development and products that provide substantial benefit to the dealer body, all hallmarks of ELEAD1ONE, he joined Hugh Hathcock at Velocity Automotive Solutions.

ReconVelocity Gage Hathcock

Gage Hathcock

VP of Dealer Relations

Gage Hathcock grew up in the automotive industry, first learning the trade from his father before taking his knowledge to the industry’s top brands. Following his graduation from Valdosta State University in 2007 with a degree in Public Relations, Gage sharpened his skills as a Marketing Professional and Automotive Sales Representative. Over the next decade, Gage led client relations at ELEAD1ONE and doubled as an Internal Account Manager to ensure clients were receiving pristine representation and maximizing business opportunities.

Gage works alongside his clients to ensure that each stage of a dealership’s lifespan is yielding the best possible results. His goal-oriented mindset helps dealers recognize workflow encumbrances that are shrinking their profit margins. And, together, he helps dealers implement solutions proven to elevate profitable output at every level. As our Dealer Relations expert, Gage upholds our values of transparency and honesty to guarantee clients receive the results we promise.

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ReconVelocity Benefits

  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Vendor Management
  • Decreased Carrying Costs
  • Decreased Vehicle Value Erosion
  • Real-Time, Mobile Work Approvals
  • Increased Inventory Turn
  • Always Know A Vehicle's Location
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