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How to Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Reviews

improve your customer reviews

Are customers satisfied with your car dealership? Here’s how to score outstanding customer reviews.

Key Takeaways:

  • How customers perceive your dealership is paramount; if they frequently leave negative reviews, it will hamper your sales and growth. 
  • You need to track customer reviews and analyze them regularly so you can understand what customers are saying about your business and where you can improve. 
  • With an understanding of how you can improve your dealership’s customer experience, you can take steps to improve your recon process and other aspects of your business. 
  • By optimizing your operations, you can consistently generate positive customer reviews that help your dealership’s brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Customers are the lifeblood of your dealership, and you want them to help you improve it. As part of your efforts, you should be encouraging customers to provide feedback and reviews. Yet, despite your best efforts, you may find those reviews failing to meet your expectations. 

Why are customer reviews important?

How customers rate your dealership speaks volumes about your ability to fulfill their requests on time and on budget. If customers frequently give your dealership low scores in certain areas, you can and should allocate the resources and budget to improve them. In doing so, you can transform weak areas into strengths and ensure your dealership is equipped to keep pace with customer expectations going forward. 

Acting on customer reviews can help your dealership become more productive and efficient than ever before, too. They let you learn about problems you may not be aware of that are hampering your staff’s effectiveness. This is a good way to find problems and address them in their early stages. Customer reviews can also help manage your time and budget, so you can get the most value out of the resources at your disposal. 

5 tips to improve your dealership’s customer reviews

There are several things you can do to enhance your dealership’s customer reviews, including:

1. Find out what customers are saying about your dealership

It helps to know what customers are saying about your dealership. With this information, you can discover why they choose your dealership over others, or you can find out why they shy away from it. 

Take a look at, DealerRater, and other dealership-specific review websites. These give you a glimpse into how past customers have rated your dealership. You can reach out to these clients to see what they have to say about your dealership, as well. Once you read current customer reviews and get a good idea about how they view your dealership, you can incorporate that feedback into your everyday operations and make immediate improvements wherever possible.

2. Offer incentives

Your customers may enjoy amazing experiences at your dealership. But, if they have no incentive to share their experiences with others, it won’t do you much good. 

Incentivize customer reviews by offering rewards to clients who share their feedback. Gift cards and discounts are great incentives that may encourage customers to share what they think. If you’re doing an excellent job of engaging customers, these incentives will increase positive customer reviews.

3. Eliminate approval process roadblocks

The longer it takes to get cars retail-ready, the more likely customers are to look elsewhere for the vehicles they want. Meanwhile, if customers cannot find the cars they want at your dealership, your salespeople won’t be equipped to give them the experiences they demand. The result: Customers leave negative reviews of your dealership on review sites. 

If you evaluate your approval processes, you can identify roadblocks that hamper your ability to get your cars retail-ready fast. You can also evaluate how staff across your inspection, body shop, and other departments handle approval tasks and alleviate any issues. This helps you optimize inventory turnover rate and consistently provide customers quality cars.

4. Track and evaluate KPIs

Aged wholesale loss, price to market, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial to your dealership’s success. If you track KPIs, you can see how your dealership stacks up against its rivals. Plus, these metrics will help you understand why your may have been receiving poor customer reviews and update operations as needed. 

Ultimately, it helps to track a variety of KPIs. However, tracking certain metrics by hand can be extremely difficult. In order to monitor KPIs, you may want to invest in dealership automation software that will help keep all of your dealership data in a single location and track it over time. These solutions transform your data into actionable insights, helping improve operations and boost customer reviews.

5. Update your recon process

How quickly your dealership moves cars through the recon process can have far-flung effects on your customer reviews. If your recon process takes longer than five days, it can damage your ability to provide customers with the right cars, at the right time. On the other hand, with a streamlined recon process, you can show customers the cars they want when they want them. 

You should evaluate your recon process and identify any inefficiencies. Fortunately, software is available that lets you study the recon process and measure idle time at each step. This software helps calculate idle time throughout the recon process so you can implement measures to reduce this time. 

Want to improve your customer reviews? ReconVelocity can help

Customer reviews can make or break your dealership — and they should not be taken lightly. Instead, you must do your part to continuously improve operations. If you allocate the time, energy, and resources necessary to drive ongoing improvement, you can make it easy for customers to enjoy outstanding experiences at your dealership. Over time, customers will share their positive experiences, leading to reviews that help your dealership stand out from its rivals. 

If you want additional assistance as you explore ways to improve your customer reviews, partner with ReconVelocity. We offer best-in-class recon software to help you improve operations across your dealership. To find out more, please call us at (850) 616-6294 to speak with a recon expert or use our contact form to request a product demo.

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