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“Hugh Hathcock Makes A Bold Move In Auto Retail With The Launch Of ReconVelocity” — CBT Automotive Network

“Hugh Hathcock Makes A Bold Move in Auto Retail with the Launch of ReconVelocity” — CBT Automotive Network

Through ReconVelocity, our team of Recon Experts is solving the operational challenge undermining automotive retailers at a cost of millions of dollars per year: reconditioning.

In a recent interview with CBT Automotive Network’s Jim Fitzpatrick, our Founder & Owner, Hugh Hatchcock, shared the inspiration behind ReconVelocity, the unrealized recon gap affecting most dealerships, the necessity of our software in generating lost profits, and how ReconVelocity’s customer service and relationship building practically guarantee longterm ROI.

The main takeaway from our interview with Jim Fitzpatrick is what separates ReconVelocity from other reconditioning tools on the market?

The answer:

“ReconVelocity is not a product that merely understands the recon process and technology needed to perfect it. ReconVelocity is about understanding the people—the boots on the ground—that make dealerships operational and successful. The software just enables the recon process.”

The key to ReconVelocity’s current and projected success is staffing each dealership with in-house performance teams.

Each dealership is paired with a dedicated Recon Expert who constantly monitors and oversees analytics to ensure each dealership is running at max capacity. ReconVelocity is not a software dealers buy off the shelf. Ours is a hands-on support model, showing dealers where to focus their reconditioning tool to make the greatest impact each quarter.

Read the story by CBT Automotive Network to learn more about ReconVelocity, our skilled team of Recon Experts and our new game-changing dealer support service: Velocity Valet (coming soon).



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